Mentalists Motivational Speakers - Bob Garner is a mentalist motivational speaker who is not only amazing, but also delivers empowering content that your audience can immediately use!  

Mentalist Motivational Speaker

Bob Garner is the premier magic motivational speaker, magician motivational speaker, mentalist motivational speaker and mindreader motivational speaker

He is all of these, plus one more very important thing.

Bob Garner actually provides real information that your audience can immediately use.

More than "fluff" and feel good, funny motivational speaker Bob Garner is not only an amazing mentalist and mindreader, but he also delivers real information that your audience can immediately use.

From Bangkok to Boston to Berlin, Bob Garner is recognized as the premier magic motivational speaker
,  mentalist motivational speaker and magician motivational speaker .

Fortune 1000 corporations and leading associations constantly use Bob to kick-off and wrap-up the meetings, as well as provide empowering, insightful, and very entertaining keynotes. In fact, as a
keynote motivational speaker, Bob empowers your group with fun and excitement.

Bob uses his skills as an uncanny
mentalist and mind reader and outstanding corporate magician, as well as clean humor and audience participation to reinforce specific points of his customized presentation. The result is an entertaining program that provides solid information that your audience can immediately put-to-use, in one customized package. 

As a funny motivational speaker and mentalist, Bob provides sophisticated entertainment combined with usable information, as well as plenty of laughs. That's why Bob is perfect for after dinner entertainment, as an after dinner speaker or an after dinner keynote.

Plus, Bob's amazing talents are a perfect addition as employee appreciation event entertainment or client appreciation event entertainment.

But, to really see what Bob does, head over to his main site.

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You can see Bob in action and find out more information on his official site -

Looking for the "WOW" Factor?

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Mentalist Motivational Speaker

For corporate event entertainment where you want to provide the "WOW" factor, only one name comes to mind and that is Bob Garner!

What makes Bob unique is his background and extensive research on personal and professional performance. He is an author and syndicated writer on these topics and his writings have appeared on various professional blogs, as well as in magazines and trade journals.

He shares this information with your group and then reinforces his material with amazing demonstrations of mind reading, clean humor and audience participation.

From a 30 - 35 minute light message presentation to a 90 minute empowering and informative keynote, corporate event entertainer and funny motivational speaker Bob Garner will "WOW" your group.

Watch what these clients and audience members have to say about Bob Garner...

There are many motivational speakers who say they are entertaining and many entertainers who say they are motivational speakers. Rarely, do you TRULY get both in one person. That person is Bob Garner.

If you're looking for a mentalist motivational speaker or corporate event entertainment, then you need to contact corporate entertainer Bob Garner.

Go to his official site at
or call us at 805-534-1576.


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